Snow Check 2020 Snowmobiles | Polaris, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Timbersled

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2020 Arctic Cat mountain sled details coming soon!


2020 Polaris mountain sled details coming soon!


2020 Ski-Doo mountain sleds are here!


2020 Yamaha mountain sled details coming soon!


Check out next years mountain sleds. Find your 2020 snowmobile from Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha sled below and click request a quote or give our sales department a call at 208-356-4000. Requests are for those interested in snowchecking a sled from Rexburg Motorsports. Snowchecked sleds will be local pickup only at our Rexburg, Idaho store.

Snowcheck F.A.Q.

What is SnowCheck? Snowcheck refers to ordering next years model sled in the spring of the previous year. Currently snowcheck is going on for 2020 sleds that were just announced. These snowmobiles will be the first to arrive in the fall of this year at our location in Rexburg.

How do I SnowCheck a 2020 sled? You can choose a model on the website by clicking the links above and clicking request a quote and one of our salesmen will contact you. You can also call 208-356-4000 and talk to a salesman or stop in our store. By putting $500 down, you can reserve a 2020 sled. When the sled arrives in the fall of this year, you would then arrange payment or financing and pick up the sled at our Rexburg store. You can also call in to learn more about the 2020 models by calling us anytime during business hours at 208-356-4000

What is the advantage of SnowChecking a sled? One advantage of snowcheck is you will be guaranteed to have one of the first sleds in the fall when they arrive, but the bigger reason most people snowcheck a sled is for the custom options that are only available with snowcheck sleds as well as extended warranties not offered with regular snowmobiles (sometimes up to 3-4 years). Customizations can include custom colors and wraps that are not available in the fall and being able to customize your sled to your exact liking instead of having to pick and choose from what is available from the dealership inventory.

When does SnowCheck end? The last day you can reserve a 2020 snowcheck model sled for this TBA.

Can I SnowCheck a Timbersled? Yes, Timbersled offers custom SnowCheck only models of the Aro models. The snowcheck models are a red color scheme and come with upgraded suspension.